JAVA Web Programming and Database

Omar Malik


  Information Technology and technical skills are much in demand in today`s time.

  Just like we learn Math and Science by default for any career path, learning programming languages like JAVA, Python, C# etc. in today`s world of technology is critical.

  Within the field of IT; project managers, business analysts, and Quality assurance folks can gain higher credibility by learning programming languages even if they don`t do programming in their current roles.

  Non-IT folks can learn programming languages to develop web applications, mobile apps, and algorithms to analyze data for research. These skills on a resume show employers that an individual has good problem-solving skills and able to adapt to new technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Excited to start my new batch of students on Saturday, August 12 (every Saturday morning 2 hours for 12 weeks). The training is hands on development of a web application using all the skills below.

Key Skills

  Java, JDK, JRE



  Web programming,




  Java Script,


  mySQL database,

  SQL scripting,

  Eclipse IDE,

  Interview prep,

  Resume building and more.

The coding bootcamps that give you personal coaching (not recorded videos on youtube) charge you in the thousands for this material all put together. I have developed a training technique which can teach any IT / non-IT folks the relevant skills to program an application using JAVA, HTML, and Databases with hands on experience in log in a period of time for a fraction of the cost of what others charge.

Key Highlights

  My personal live classes and motivation weekly to help you keep moving with new concepts. If you get stuck I log in to your laptop and fix the problem so you progress consistently.

  You will build an application that takes input from the user from a website gives it to JAVA language to validate the data and insert the data into a database. The value for this coaching program is in building this application not just learning JAVA programming language.

  NO BOOKS. The way I teach is very visual, and I draw a lot of diagrams to help you absorb the material.

  Everything is hands on. Whatever I code, you do the same on your end and practice with it right away.

  Anytime in the future, you want to take the course again there is no charge for it. REGISTRATION LINK

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